Left all alone in the green Blighted ooze that was once Shady Glen, Flip the mighty tadpole decides to bring back the forest and friends. Too young to crawl, Flip needs your help to control gravity and the wind to eat carbon out of the air and catch seeds to restore the sunshine to Shady Glen


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XEO (zēō) The thrilling feeling of discovery.


How Tilt Taps into Player Emotions on the iPhone. The Wonder Woman
~ Fast Company Interview with Nicole Lazzaro

Tilt World Play, Plant, Protect!

  • Unique Gameplay
  • No buttons. Just tilt to play
  • Amazing graphics and challenging gameplay
  • Unlock 3 gorgeous story worlds by Iggy Medeiros featuring 15 unique puzzle levels
  • Astounding Artwork

"Challenging, but accessible."
–Shelly M. Berkeley

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